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The movies that broke Rotten Tomatoes

The popular film review site, Rotten Tomatoes, gives its users two different scores to help them determine the quality of a movie. There’s the Tomatometer score, which tells us what percent of critics gave the film a generally positive review. And there’s the Average Rating Score, which tells us how good a film is based on a one-to-ten scale. These two numbers seldom agree.

Broadly speaking, the value that we, the viewing public, truly want to know is the Average Rating score. Yet advertisers prefer to use the Tomatometer score. I suspect that this is because the Tomatometer generally overvalues good movies, which makes “okay” films look better than they really are. But that’s not what I wanted to investigate. I wanted to see if there are movies out there that break Rotten Tomatoes — which is to say, I wanted to see if there was a solid relationship between the Tomatometer scores and the more valuable Average Rating scores, and if any movies broke that trend. Continue reading The movies that broke Rotten Tomatoes

Cassini Remembered in Cartoons

The Cassini satellite recently finished her mission after 20 years flying through space and 13 years orbiting Saturn and her moons. It was a spectacular mission that gave us mind-bending discoveries, spectacular confusion, and a perspective of our pale blue world floating in the vast cosmic dark. I recently made a cartoon to commemorate the mission, and I wasn’t the only one. Here are several of the Cassini cartoons with all credit to the group of inspired artists who created them. Continue reading Cassini Remembered in Cartoons

What caused the Doom of Valyria: A geological analysis

They say the Doom still rules Valyria. The maesters tell us of a city destroyed, of mountains exploding, and of ash clouding the skies. The geologists tell us of something much more terrifying.

Interpreted geological features surrounding Valyria.

When trying to determine the cause of the Doom of Valyria, we must begin with what we know for certain. We know the volcanic mountain chain known as the Fourteen Flames played a part. We know the ground shook. We know that the sea rushed to far shores and swallowed everything in its path. And citizens of Westeros and Essos alike still speak of the vast Valyrian peninsula shattered into countless islands. Fortunately for us, we can use the tools of the geologist to uncover what really happened to Valyria nearly 400 years ago. Continue reading What caused the Doom of Valyria: A geological analysis