Cassini Remembered in Cartoons

The Cassini satellite recently finished her mission after 20 years flying through space and 13 years orbiting Saturn and her moons. It was a spectacular mission that gave us mind-bending discoveries, spectacular confusion, and a perspective of our pale blue world floating in the vast cosmic dark. I recently made a cartoon to commemorate the mission, and I wasn’t the only one. Here are several of the Cassini cartoons with all credit to the group of inspired artists who created them.

That’s Awesome! by Beatrice the Biologist (@beatricebiology)

I’m Ready by Beatrice the Biologist (@beatricebiology)

Hugs by Lisa Poje (@PojeMotion)

I Miss Him Already by Hadira Beth Hemele (@TheQuarkSide)

Doodle by Google

We’ll Miss You by Immy Smith (@cartoon_neuron)

Not Again… by JoAnna Wendel (@JoAnnaScience)

You Are My Home by Erika Nesvold (@erikanesvold)

The Spectacular Unknown by me (@Geo_Miles)

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