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Celebrate America Right with the 5 Best Podcast Episodes of the Week

Most podcasts—even those about outer space—are recorded on Earth. This week, host Miles Traer collected audio from NASA missions to stitch together an interplanetary soundscape. Hear the whirrs and clunks of moving across Mars’ surface, the Tibetan singing bowl-like tones of Uranus’ rings, the eerie whistles moving towards the heliopause. Best listened to with good headphones, at night.

Generation Anthropocene: How humans have altered the planet for ever

Conservationists, environmentalists, policymakers, artists, activists, writers, historians, political and cultural theorists, as well as scientists and social scientists in many specialisms, are all responding to its implications. A Stanford University team has boldly proposed that – living as we are through the last years of one Earth epoch, and the birth of another – we belong to “Generation Anthropocene.”

Google-bet: Facts About Microbes

Have you ever wondered what are microbes? Are they.… animals? Bacteria? Consumers? Thanks to Google, we know you have! We found the most commonly searched microbial questions, from A to Z, and put them to Rob DeSalle and Susan Perkins, curators of the Museum’s new exhibition about the human microbiome. With a tip of our hat to geologist Miles Traer at Stanford for the inspiration, here are their lightning-round answers to the internet’s burning questions about the wild world of microbes.